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Lighting is an essential part of design — it’s a source of energy, both literally and figuratively. Lighting has the power to define the space it inhabits, enhance our wellbeing, and shape our perspective. We believe lighting is personal and there is no one-size-fits-all solution, which is why we strive to understand the vision for your modern, innovative designs or one-of-a-kind building projects.

As a community of creatives, visionaries, designers, movers and shakers, our vision is to be a source of expansion and innovation in lighting design and technology. We challenge ourselves to expand our beliefs about what is possible and strive to actively create the world we imagine.

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Support spotlights
your vision.

Through a blend of form and function, our process takes into consideration the design element of lighting and its intended purpose. Our team provides style-forward solutions and tech-savvy support to ensure your lighting projects uphold the standards of elevated design and smooth operability. Meeting deadlines and streamlining your projects just got way easier with our management tools and innovative software. We’re here to make magic.

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Bright partnerships
help each other

Our brand exists to bridge the gap between an idea and an outcome. Whether you have an order list, a technical inquiry or need help specifying, we’re here to cultivate a relationship to get you where you want to be. Collaboration is the key to elevated design and through this partnership anything is possible.